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Delaware One Dollar by Alt-Reality
Delaware One Dollar
The tiny nation of Delaware was perhaps one of the more influential breakaways in the region. Since independence (most Delawareans considered their national evolution British rule right to independence, never mind that futility that only lasted a few decades) Delaware has been one of the more foreign-friendly states to emerge from the rubble of the American Revolution. Their transition was even different than most of the other states - her state government never really dropped the mantle of "President", for example. Amid other states who grew more staunchly anti-British, Delaware was always friendly and willing to be the vessel for British meddling in the region.

Peaches had always been an important crop for Delaware - so much so that they placed a peach blossom on their redesigned flag.
Five Louisianian Franc Note by Alt-Reality
Five Louisianian Franc Note
The Republic of Louisiana became independent in 1849 during the convergent revolutions that swept Europe and the Americas in the mid-19th century. Since then she has steadily grown economically into an industrial powerhouse at the center of the North American continent. Despite losing northern border skirmishes and wars with the British through Canada (and later Virginians and Mormons) both before independence and after, the Republic has been able to consistency extend soft power to both friends and rivals alike. By 1918 Louisiana had developed into something of a melting post; although French were still the majority, Native American nations and immigrants (mostly those from Francophone nations but also Spanish, Italians and even Germans) were able to buy up land in the expansive North and West and parishes in New Orleans.

Side note: the odd shape of this banknote is based on a shape taken by an actual French Franc from the '40s.
New York Sambuca-Soda by Alt-Reality
New York Sambuca-Soda
The Sambuca-Soda Company was founded in New York City, 1872, by an immigrant from Denmark called Lukas Vilhelm Skovgaard. A shopkeeper by profession, he had immigrated two years earlier with his wife and six children. As they were still adapting to a completely new environment a bad influenza epidemic descended upon New York. At the time medical science was completely useless in containing the outbreak, let alone curing those who caught it. Many would die, including three of Skovgaard's children. His two oldest children, and his wife, also came down with the flu but survived. While they were sick Skovgaard doted on them, giving them a traditional elderberry drink from his home country. For his oldest child (his favorite) he mixed it with the popular drink of the time, sassafras. His son became enthralled with it - as the three recovered, he gave away the tincture to neighbors and fellow Danish immigrants. It didn't take long before word got out that those who drank Mr. Skovgaard's Elderberry Tonic resisted influenza better and had shorter recovery times if they fell ill. He soon was selling it by the cratefull, crafting his own recipe which included elderberry, sassafras, ginger, sugar, tonic water and the newly imported kola nut.

This was the beginning of a company that would spread into the new millennium as a commodity to transcend borders. Historians and economists would often remark on the bubbly drinks representation of New York's capitalist economic hegemony among its rivals, for it was often sold in most stores regardless of border, race or creed.
Nibraska, Canada Stamp by Alt-Reality
Nibraska, Canada Stamp
The Canadians had a robust postal service, and before the turn of the century it was common for territories to issue their own. Nibraska was relatively new even by Prairie Territory standards; it had been cleaved off of Cheyenne (as Victoria was) only in the 1890s. Up to nearly the twenties Nibraskans had been using Cheyenne issued stamps. Which of course hadn't sat well with the locals - who were they to trust those yocals over in Ashalaho for anything? So in 1919 the government of Nibraska issued their first postage stamp, featuring the profile of Cecil Rhodes later in life, the hero of Canada who had fought against both Strangonites in the East and Louisianians to the South, and had governed the country as Premier.
Who's Who Poster by Alt-Reality
Who's Who Poster
A grungy, "know your friends" poster to add to my series. One of my more ambitious projects lately.

Download for a higher definition view.


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I do mostly alternate history related artwork. If you're interested in a commission or just a general question, contact me:

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Gukpard Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello alt reality, I made some time ago a map of how american maybe would have looked if the CSA had won in Settling accounts, the main problem is that I'm not all that good with maps, so can you make a better version of it for me? 

Check it please…
catgirlshyla Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
Nothing concerning Hawaii in any alt history? Wasteful. 
vaino-fi Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Your work is AMAZING!!! One of the best I've ever seen, really!
demonbadger777 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
this is so cool!
oscarzulu Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Read about you in's recent article, and share your fondness for history and cartography.  The work you do allows me to imagine alternate histories fantastically!  Keep doing this work, please!  

CynicalMarxist Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Love your work! :)
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Love your work!
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